Blog Top Trends in Home Painting Colors for 2023 by CPM Painting INC May 09, 2024

Are you looking to refresh the look of your home for the upcoming year? Look no further than CPM Painting INC for all your painting needs! As we head into 2023, it's the perfect time to explore the top trends in home painting colors that will be popular in the coming year. From calming neutrals to bold statement hues, there is something for everyone in the world of paint trends. Let's dive into some of the top color choices for 2023 by CPM Painting INC.

1. Classic Blue

Classic Blue is a timeless and elegant color that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation. It is a versatile shade that can be used in any room of the house, from the bedroom to the living room. Pair Classic Blue with whites and neutrals for a fresh and modern look, or mix it with metallic accents for a touch of glamour.

2. Sage Green

Sage Green is a soft and soothing color that brings a sense of nature and tranquility into your home. This muted green hue is perfect for creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in any space. Use Sage Green in the bedroom for a restful retreat or in the kitchen for a fresh and organic feel.

3. Terracotta

Terracotta is a warm and earthy tone that adds depth and richness to any room. This versatile color pairs beautifully with a variety of other hues, from soft neutrals to bold jewel tones. Use Terracotta on an accent wall for a pop of color, or incorporate it into your home decor through furniture and accessories.

4. Muted Pastels

Muted Pastels, such as blush pink, soft lavender, and pale yellow, are perfect for adding a touch of softness and warmth to your home. These delicate hues create a serene and cozy environment that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Mix and match pastel colors for a playful and whimsical look, or pair them with whites and neutrals for a more refined aesthetic.

5. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal Gray is a sophisticated and modern color that adds drama and depth to any space. This deep, moody hue is perfect for creating a sense of coziness and intimacy in a room. Use Charcoal Gray on the walls for a bold statement, or incorporate it into your decor through furniture and accessories for a more subtle touch.

Whether you're looking to completely transform your home or simply update a room or two, CPM Painting INC has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Our team of professional painters is dedicated to providing top-quality service and exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the perfect paint colors for your home in 2023!

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